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Addison Green: Small-Scale Farming and Ranching

· Addison Green

Addison Green has always been cautious with his investments. Whether he’s investing time, money, or effort, he has to know what exactly he’s getting out of the investment before he dives in. Green’s most recent investment was in a small ranch and farm in Texas, where he raises a small group of emus and chickens for eggs, feathers, and in some cases, meat.

Addison Green also works as a plumber, so he doesn’t have the time to be a full-time farmer and rancher. He makes up for this by being as efficient with his time as possible, and investing in things that will make his side job of maintaining his small slice of paradise easier. Green has acreage to rotate the small-scale crops he raises and his grazing grounds for his emus, which produce downy feathers for use in many textile products. This improves long-term sustainability and helps him make the most of his small operation.

Addison Green runs a successful plumbing business in Texas.

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