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Addison Green: Are You Interested in Becoming a Business Owner?

· Addison Green

Addison Green inherited his father’s plumbing business and hopes to pass a successful company on to his own children. He is a master plumber with years of experience. After he inherited Green and Son, he decided to rebrand the company and make it his own. He changed the name to Green Plumbing. He offers environmentally friendly and sustainable plumbing services in Detroit, Michigan.

Addison Green has always dreamed of taking over his family’s business. His father taught him everything he knows about plumbing. He enjoyed working with clients and helping his father run the company. When Mr. Green’s father was ready to retire, he became the primary owner of the company.

Owning a business has many benefits. Small business owners are in control of how the company is operated. The owners can vet and hire dedicated employees as well. Owning and operating a business can be ideal for individuals who enjoys having total autonomy.

Another benefit successful business owners enjoy is the ability to create their own schedules. If a business owner has a team of employees that he or she trusts, the owner can take time off whenever he or she chooses. Addison Green worked hard to keep his father’s company successful. He looks forward to expanding the company even more.

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