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Addison Green: A Plumber in Texas

· Addison Green

Addison Green became a plumber in Detroit, Michigan, running his own business and even teaching his niece the ropes so she can be a trailblazer in the profession if she chooses. Green moved to Texas, where he restarted his plumbing business and challenged himself to learn new skills to help more clients. With several apprentices working under him now, Green has helped people new to the profession learn a skill that will keep them employed for life.

Over the years, Addison Green has learned how to work on a variety of different kinds of pipes and buildings as a plumber. Strictly a residential plumber in Detroit, Green has become known around his new community in Texas as a commercial plumber as well. While learning plumbing takes years of practice to become skilled enough to earn a living as a contractor, the skillset is always evolving.

Addison Green learned how to deal with different water systems to become a plumber specializing in commercial jobs.

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